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Origin of the Story

Dog Eaters didn’t begin life as a comic book. It began as a screenplay written by Malcolm Wong, who entered the story in Creative Screenwriting‘s annual Screenwriter’s Expo in Los Angeles with the hopes of gaining some recognition. But when the awards ceremony rolled around, Malcolm found himself not only winning first place in his genre, but also earning the chance to have his screenplay adapted into a comic book miniseries that would eventually be collected into a graphic novel!

To help Malcolm turn his screenplay into a comic book, the publisher assigned veteran comic book editor Sean J. Jordan to help turn the two-hour film into a 6-part miniseries. The resulting script was handed over to Chilean superstar artist Guillermo A. Angel, who brought the adventures of the Black Dog Clan to life in a stunning manga-inspired style. The finished product will be heading to a comic book store near you in November 2008… and it’s going to be a miniseries unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Sean J. Jordan, Malcolm Wong, Jim Mercurio, Les Dabel and Ernst Dabel at the Screenwriter’s Expo 5 in 2006.

About the Creative Team

Malcolm Wong was born in Baltimore, MD. He graduated from high school in the Greater Boston area, attended two years at UMass and got his MFA in Fine Art (Sculpture) from the University of Hawaii. After graduating, he moved to Japan where he currently resides to direct music videos.

In addition to writing, directing, and producing Malcolm is also CEO of Annex Ltd., (part of the CWC Group with retail stores Junie Moon in Daikanyama and Lele Junie Moon in Shinjuku) which is responsible for the fashion, hair/make-up, and package design for the collectible doll, Blythe.

Dog Eaters is his first comic book miniseries / graphic novel, thanks to a prize he won at the Creative Screenwriting Screenwriter’s Expo 5 in 2006. But Malcolm’s already hard at work on his next screenplay, as well as the next chapter in the Dog Eaters saga.

“I started to write DOG EATERS at a time when I was totally disgusted with what was going on in the USA,” says Malcolm, “the addictive preoccupation with celebrity, the political incompetence and arrogance at the highest level, the needless and endless war, the feeling that Americans were ‘fiddling while Rome burned.’ At the time of this writing, matters have not improved — they have started to fester.

“I started to speculate about what would happen if this current incarnation of Rome did in fact burn, bringing down the rest of the world with it in a chain reaction of economic collapse, war, disease, and famine, culminating in the ‘Die Off.’

“After this second Dark Age, who would rise from the ashes of the destruction? Who would survive in the US Southwest? Prisoners isolated in high-security prisons who interbred to create a super-brutal outlaw. People of native descent who could live off the land. Where would civilization start to coalesce first? Why, around the casino-cities, of course. And how would they be supplied? By armored caravans plying the trade routes.

“This is the story of a hardy family and their clan as they try to find their way to a new future.”

Sean J. Jordan has a background in PR and Marketing, but he’s also been a journalist, a video game reviewer, and a comic book writer and editor. All of these skills have helped him as he’s launched his own comic book publisher, Army Ant Publishing, which focuses on developing educational comics for kids. They’ve also made him an ideal choice to help Malcolm Wong adapt his Dog Eaters screenplay into a comic book miniseries.

“When I first heard the words ‘Dog Eaters,’ I was curious,” says Jordan. “How can you not be with a title like that? What I discovered was a great story with lots of depth set against a post-apocalyptic wasteland. When I was finished, I wanted more. I took that as a good sign, and it’s been a thrill to work with Malcolm in turning this story into a comic.”

You can read more about Sean at his website at .

Guillermo A. Angel is an accomplished artist from Chile who has worked on books such as Bushido and Human Kind. Guillermo jumped at the chance to work on Dog Eaters after he heard about the story, and his careful pen has transformed the post-apocalyptic setting of the original screenplay into a world where the Black Dog Clan struggles for survival in every panel… and wins the sympathy of the reader from the start.

“I’m very excited to be working on this book, and I hope that people will enjoy it,” says Guillermo. “I can’t wait to have it finished and on the shelf!”

You can see more of his work on his website at .

Shari Chankhamma is professional comic artist located in Thailand, with works published in Thailand, UK and US, most notably ‘The Clarence Principle’ By SLG.

You can see more of here work on her website at .

Natcha Prapatpornkul is a freelance illustrator located in Thailand. She has worked on various children’s books, most notably a 10-issue, full-color adaptation of “Journey to the West”.

You can see more of here work on her website at .

For More Information

For more information about Dog Eaters, please contact Malcolm Wong (at)

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  1. Posted by prince millington (sonic thrillington) on 07.14.08 9:43 am

    i love the story so much i want to know where i can buy the graphic novels and it’s gonna inspire me to write a futuristic movie

    thanks again mal!


  2. Posted by BlackDogClan on 07.14.08 8:36 pm

    Thanks Sonic! Love that name, BTW!

    Graphic novel should be available in 2009, probably summer at bookstores and online.

    *** I have just heard from Dabel Brothers that Issue #0 of the comic will solicit for Dec and can ship in early Dec.

    Issue #0 available for free in print form at San Diego Comicon and for download at this site in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled!

  3. Posted by Partisian on 10.11.08 11:32 pm

    I got your promo comic from comicon by accident ordering something else from Ebay, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I can’t wait for the series to finally come out.

  4. Posted by Isaac Wong on 11.28.08 11:17 pm

    i found a comic book store but forgot to look…
    when i get back from thanksgiving break, im planning on going to hampden to check it out.

  5. Posted by Lil Wong on 09.19.11 9:26 am

    Congratulations, it is inspiring to see so much creativity and talent on one team, woohoo!

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