Dog Eaters

DE Characters

The world of Dog Eaters is sparsely populated with wandering nomads, desert bandits, and clusters of urban dwellers in fortified casino-cities.

The Black Dog Clan

Lamont Black Dog: The leader of the Black Dog Clan, Lamont is a man of great vision, uniting and leading his people ably and surviving countless battles with both the elements and the Roaches But Lamont’s seething passions, and a weakness for one of the young women in his clan may be his downfall.

full_lamont_lite Tomahawk “Tommy” Black Dog: The oldest remaining son of Lamont and Rebecca Black Dog with a reckless teenager zeal for life, Tommy is a carefree and careless young man, and a deadly shot with any weapon. Though Tommy will eventually take Lamont’s place in leading the tribe, he is not concerned with being a leader just yet — after all, his father is strong, and it will be years before he’ll have to take over.

Rebecca Black Dog: The matriarch of the Black Dog Clan, Rebecca’s vision and spiritual powers have guided the clan through the perilous post-apocalyptic landscape. Rebecca’s loyalty to the clan is unshakable, even when it becomes apparent that Lamont has found another love.
full_rebecca Tracy Black Dog: Not many children survive childhood to become adults, but
Tracy, the youngest surviving daughter of Lamont and Rebecca, is tough and resourceful. The Black Dog Clan rescues Bevan, a northerner, after an ambush and Tracy, on the cusp of becoming a woman, develops a crush on him. Her father, Lamont is very much opposed.

Mr. Fluffy, is Tracy’s puppy and best friend.

chara-design-tracy_lite Stevie Six Killer: A trusted and loyal lieutenant of the Black Dog Clan. Stevie is like an older brother to Tommy, and often provides guidance to the wild teen. But as Lamont begins to show signs of weakness, Stevie is forced to decide whether he will stay loyal to the old order… or whether he will act for the good of the clan.

Chunga Red Star: Another trusted lieutenant of the Black Dog Clan, Chunga is a gunner and a fierce fighter who will do whatever it takes to help the Black Dogs achieve victory. She can be found where the fighting is the thickest.

Angie Bird Song: The flower of the Black Dog Clan. When her beauty blossoms and she comes of age, tensions rise as the alpha men of the clan vie for her hand, threatening to tear the clan apart.

Other Characters

Bevan Chan: From the Pacific Northwest, and a member of the White Eagle Tribe, Bevan is traveling south through the desert when he is ambushed by Roaches and wounded. The Black Dog Clan arrives in time to rescue Bevan and as Tracy nurses him back to health, she develops feelings for him.
The Roaches: Descendants of prisoners and guards from maximum security prisons at the time of the DIE OFF, there are many different kinds of Roaches. Most are loosely organized into clans of their own.


Bronco Morenos: The mayor of Three Palms, a minor casino-city, Bronco is descended from Roach bloodlines, Bronco is a curious blend of city slicker and vicious killer. No matter what the odds, he expects to win… and he’ll go to any means to get revenge if he doesn’t.
Rose Chavez: The “party girl” of Three Palms, Rose is is attracted to money and excitement in equal parts. Bronco considers her to be his girl, but she’s not averse to being a companion to someone visiting the city, provided he’s got plenty of money and doesn’t mind living dangerously…

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