Dog Eaters

Happy and Thankful that the Dog Eaters art team is fine!

Posted on 02.28.10 5:15PM under Uncategorized

The art team in Santiago, Chile: Guillermo, Brolo, Carlos and their families all are fine and not living on the streets after the huge earthquake on Feb 27. Carlos and his wife just had a baby two weeks ago, but no one was injured or hurt.

Here is a link to images of the parking lot of Guillermo’s apartment. He went into the parking structure to get his motorcycle and rode it out!

Luckily Guillermo was staying at his girl friend’s parents’ summer house in Santo Domingo on the coast that night. He had all his working tools: laptop, scanner, light table, printer with him. So he’s back to work!

As of March 1, there are over 700 dead and that number will rise. Over 2 million people have been displaced.
Guillermo will see about moving back into his apartment in a couple of weeks after the utilities have been restored and the building inspected for safety.

Brolo is also without electricity and is staying with a friend.

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