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Paradise Rock Club on 27 September 2013

Posted on 09.30.13 11:08PM under Dodos, Dustin Wong, Dustin Wong, Takako Minekawa

Dustin Wong played the Paradise Rock Club in Boston on 27 September 2013 with the Dodos. Dustin is in the midst of a US tour with over 30 dates. It started in Chicago, went West for a bit then to the East Coast. He’s swinging south through Nashiville, Texas, to the West Coast where he will play a few dates with Takako Minekawa and circle back to Chicago to return to Tokyo.

With Grandma Gloria and Auntie Jan.

Auntie Jan reported: “Rob, Mom and I went into Boston and saw Dustin play last night. He seems to have a nice following. When we walked in, Mom noticed that there were no chairs and said ‘What? We have to stand?’. So, (Uncle) Rob asked for a chair for Mom. The Staff ended up bringing us up to the balcony section and got stools for Mom and I to sit on.”

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