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Back to the underground @ soup ochiai

Posted on 09.24.14 under Group A, Soup

Group A is a noise duo x Butoh (not to be confused with grape) dance.
They let most of it hang out it in a visceral performance — pounding, pulsating, screaming and gyrating. Very stimulating.

Here’s a little excerpt:

Group A live at Soup Ochiai from Malcolm Wong on Vimeo.

An excerpt from a Night @ Soup Ochiai

Posted on 09.09.14 under Dustin Wong, Dustin Wong, Greg Fox, Ochiai, Ruins Alone, Soup

An exerpt from a Night @ Soup, Ochiai from Malcolm Wong on Vimeo.

Greg Fox and Dustin Wong are ready to encounter Tatsuya Yoshida of Ruins (Alone) at Soup Ochiai. A heavy night of underground music. No melodies, no verse, no bridge, no chorus. But lots and lots of rhythmic chaos… Featuring Tatsuya Yoshida “[the] indisputable master drummer of the Japanese underground”