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Ordinary people…

Posted on 05.11.16 under Tokyo people

The people seen when you go south on Yamate Dori, left on Inokashira Dori, right on the road that parallels the Yamanote Line from Harajuku to Shibuya, then a little left to Meiji Dori past Shibuya Station.

ordinary people_01

ordinary people_02
“Whoa, he has awesome form,” they thought…

ordinary people_03

ordinary people_04

ordinary people_06

ordinary people_08

ordinary people_09

ordinary people_10

ordinary people_05

ordinary people_07

ordinary people_11

ordinary people_12

ordinary people_13

ordinary people_14

ordinary people_15

Stars so Bright

Posted on 05.04.16 under Cloud Hands Project, Stars So Bright

A new song by Cloud Hands Project
“Stars So Bright”

Listen on Sound Cloud

selfie duo

Under the African
Under the African
Under the African… Sky

The starts so bright, they mystify
Inspire pleasure’s afterglow
Leads reckless love to Scorpio

Trusting the alien
Trusting the alien
Trusting the alien… Eye

Acknowledge royalty
Bow down to royalty
Acknowledge royalty… High

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