Dog Eaters

dog eaters available again!

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You can purchase DOG EATERS at the Sea Lion Books online store!


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It’s bright! It’s clean…

Canefire off the road to Haleakala.

Sunset over Maui Komohana and Greenhouse 1.

Lehua pounded smooth and stretchy.

Latest updates on the Anekona Aquaponics

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Yes, we have bufo porn! When they do what they have to do to sustain the species, the smaller one rides the larger and the result is a miniature black pearl necklace that wetly glistens.

A lot of wildlife has been attracted to the system. And thrived in in the troughs.

Here is the result of bufo love. Tons of tadpoles…

After the netting went on, dragonflies were trapped inside. They sense water better than knowing when to escape. They would fly in front of the open screen door and ignore it, completely.

Dragonfly eggs are laid in the water. The larvae live in the water, eating mosquito eggs and larva. Then they crawl out of the water, dry out and fly out of the exo-skeleton, leaving the husk.

Kath and Bryson cleaned T1 or water hyacinth roots, guppies, snails, tadpoles, and bufos. Kath painted and just put in some rafts. Holes to be drilled at a later date when we know what we’re growing.

T2 is on the left. Most of the green is water hyacinth which is a temporary filter for the water. Here are the vegetable test plants.

Ong Choi and New Zealand lettuce, courtesy of Larry Yonashiro.

Tilapia as expressionistic painting.

View from the aisle between T3 and T4 to the nursery (still under construction).

Should be able to get a lot done in the 9 more days that Malcolm will be there.

back in 2001…

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For some reason, I picked up an old issue of “Spoon,” a culture magazine with a young girl holding an Aibo on the cover. How old was this magazine? Why was it in the meeting room? I flipped though it and saw an announcement for a “Blythe Returns,” an exhibition. Wow, pretty old — this was just 6 months after CWC started designing and producing Blythe in Japan. I flipped through it some more and lo and behold found a photo of Takako Minekawa, Dustin Wong’s current music partner!

And it’s his birthday…

Very interesting…

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