Dog Eaters

Issue 4, page 21, panel detail (pencil)

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Bevan makes an escape.

I can change dialog if i want to…

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Panel detail from Issue 4, page 20. However, I have edited her dialog into something more iconic (I reserve that right!). Could be good for art screenprints.

DE Issue 1, page 27

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Here’s a flashback to Issue #1.

Like re-runs, you can enjoy these moments again and again!

proof of progress on issue #4

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You can see the archeology of artwork for Issue 4, here. On the far right corner, you see the roughs with the text globes. On the left, the next step is the finished pencil. Then the color. After everything is finished, the color is adjusted and fine-tuned. Then the files go to the letterer and the issue is formatted for pre-press.

Random Work wall

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Color and pencil version of Cover for Issue 4. Next to that is a Taoist talisman that reflects negative energy…

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