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What makes Viral Marketing work?

Posted on 09.20.08 6:01AM under Uncategorized

I don’t know! But I’m hoping to find out.

Some thoughts as of the present:

DOG EATERS has a MySpace page now. We have a banner (the three images below that can be used separately or all together as you see), and it’s being posted where html is allowed, but I’m not really sure how effective it’s going to be. At this point is seems like a numbers game — quantity over quality, all surface no depth, notches on the bed post, scalps on the belt

In a week or so, we’ve racked up over 100 seemingly interesting friends — dozens everyday — including Jon Favreau (director of Iron Man, the movie), Harry Knowles (Ain’t it Cool), musicians, artists, movie people, and a bevy of web beauties whose interests run to comics and graphic novels (really?), but it has not really increased hits on this site or views of the DOG EATER YouTube trailer. But the hits and views haven’t gone down, so that’s probably something to cheer about.

While some projects and artists make it look easy, it’s been readily apparent that it’s very difficult to cut through the clutter, static and noise of all the other products, projects, movies, personalities, celebrities, etc clamoring for our attention (and money) on the internet. Indeed, the million dollar question is: “What does it take? Will it be the cream or scum that rises to the top?” Or is the image more important than the content?

Well, we’ll know more when the first issue of DOG EATERS comes out November 5. I’ll be keeping you posted.

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