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Superman #150 spread

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I always pick up at least one original piece of comic art at every Comicon I attend. This one is:
SUPERMAN #150 Nov 1999 $2.95 US/$4.50 CAN $3.95 US/$6.25 CAN “Earth’s Final Hour ” Writer: Dan Jurgens Penciller: Steve Epting Finisher: Joe Rubinstein

In this spread, pre-9/11, Superman saves Mt. Rushmore from a missile attack. Alas, he could not save the World Trade Center Towers…

This is the review of the issue by the Kryptonian Cybernet:
– If you’ve gotta go, go out on a high note, and in many people’s opinions
that’s just what Dan Jurgens did this month with his final Triangle Title
Superman story. Not only was it tied for first place this month, but it was
the best rating for this book (in my tenure as New Comics Editor) since his
much-lauded examination of Lex Luthor (“Checkmate!”, _Superman_ #131, 4.1
Shields), finishing only slightly behind the reintroduction of Cyborg as
Ashbury Armstrong’s teacher (“Within Human Reach”, _Superman_ #129, 3.8
Shields), and tied with “Machinations!” (_Superman_ #126), where Lex stole
back his kryptonite ring from Batman. While there were some mixed emotions
about the new Brainiac — much as there have always been about Mr. Jurgens
and his writing — most reviewers thought that this was a suitable coda to
Dan’s 10-year run. Whether you like or dislike his work, there’s no denying
that the man has left his own indelible mark on the Superman legacy.

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