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Produced Screenwriter Brian Watanabe drops by…

Posted on 09.24.08 12:48AM under Uncategorized

Brian Watanabe, who has the same Hollywood manager as I do (Andrew Kersey), just dropped by the CWC office in Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan. His ScreenwritingExpo3 award winning script, ROGUE’S GALLERY, has just wrapped principal photography in LA with actors Ving Rhames, Ellen Barkin, Maggie Q, Odette Yustman, Bob Odenkirk, Adam Scott, and Rob Corddry. DANNY DARKO and SOUTHLAND TALES director, Richard Kelly and his producer Scott McKittrick are producing along with a few others.

Brian and his lovely wife, Jen, are proud Black Dog Clan members.

Born and raised in Hawaii, they have already fulfilled one of the two requirements for clanhood — killing a roach — many times!

We expect great things from Brian in the future. Look for ROGUE’S GALLERY in theaters (or if not there, at least on dvd!) sometime in 2009.

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