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Posted on 11.21.11 5:03PM under Uncategorized

For when the ships stop coming in — glass poi pounders! Taro is one of the most nutritious foods there is. The Hawaiians thought of this plant as their “big brother.” You can eat the leaves and root or corm a.k.a “kalo”. To make poi , the Hawaiian staple, the traditional way, is healthier than the modern way using machines. But it is against the law to sell to the public. The Health Dept says the poi pounders can’t be sterilized because of the porous nature of the volcanic rock. And yet hand-pounded poi lasts much longer than machine made poi. That’s the way life is in the modern world. You need a permit to do anything and everything. Logic be damned…

This taro will be ready to harvest in June 2012. I believe that’s when the world ends?

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