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Maui Sojourn

Posted on 03.19.15 2:34AM under Uncategorized

Auntie Bessie, an original member of Ahuamanu, now led by Liz Morales. And a member of the Society of Ka’ahumanu, the queen that had the Bible translated into Hawaiian.

Cane harvest season has started after a long and wet winter. Burning the cane fields is the first step to processing sugar. There’s a lot of pressure on Hawaii Sugar Company to cease and desist.

Sunset from Honu Restaurant for Malcolm’s birthday celebration dinner.

Susan’s horses.

Laird Hamilton’s pool. Laird is the originator of standup paddle surfing. This is where he taught the first people how to do it. Laird also originated tow-in surfing at Jaws.

For sushi in Haiku, there’s only Nuka.

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