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Many thanks for some great music

Posted on 01.19.10 1:50AM under Uncategorized

The feeling you get when your work inspires other artists raises a little bit of chicken skin — that’s goose bumps for those of you who haven’t lived or visited Hawaii.

Ikaika Tecson, Shinya Yarimizo, Dennis Ouchi, Chris Roth, Jason Gaye, Lady Paisley with guest artists So (on flute) and Seph1 on vocals sitting in, elevated DOG to another level. Thanks for KILLING it on the evening of January 17!
Ikaika wrote a number of sketches. His “Roaches,” was amazing. Ikaika then sprung for the after-gig sushi meal. What a guy! A huge, “Thank you!”
Jason Gaye on sax wailed all night. He and Lady Paisley both wrote songs about Tracy. Some hauntingly melodic and lyrical stuff…

Video (with sound) will posted after I get back to Tokyo and edit.

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