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From Jason Scoggins:

Posted on 07.30.10 7:30PM under Uncategorized

KA-BOOM! No, that’s not the sound of my mind fully grasping the plot of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception,” it’s the sound of our reporter’s heads crashing for a week after the madness that was the 2010 San Diego Comic Con (the biggest, the most expensive, and the hottest since it’s own “inception.”

Comic Con this year almost tripled the studio, network & comic company spending from last year (which itself was almost double the year prior). If you don’t go, haven’t gone, or have no interest in going, you’re doing a genuine disservice to yourself. I read somewhere this year, that it was essentially “Sundance” without the snow & with way more parties. That much is astoundingly true, as the party locations were so overbooked this year, they had a party on an aircraft carrier, and rented out the San Diego Padres baseball field (and surrounding clubhouses) almost every night. The party list was over 50 exclusive parties (we didn’t include the general access events). It was insane…

But beyond the con, what did we see this month? Intelligence returned to theaters with a strong welcome in previously mentioned “inception,” Nic Cage’s new (desperate period) once again delivered a flop in “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (though I actually didn’t entirely hate the film… maybe because my expectation were so low), and “Despicable Me” continued to show studio heads that PG movies will forever dominate the box office!

But, that was July. Lets look ahead to August.

Already on a strong kick, Hollywood has officially picked up over 20 comic book adaptations in the last 2+ weeks (and I’m sure there are several not yet announced). As is general rule post Comic Con, that is when Comics will dominate.

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