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Deciding who’s the alpha male

Posted on 03.28.10 10:56PM under Uncategorized

Tommy and Bevan face off with hackles raised, engaging in bluff, bluster and snapping — all behaviors seen in the natural dog world to retain social position. Remember, you must never tolerate growling because this will usually lead to biting!

Who will be the alpha dog in the Black Dog Clan?

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  1. Posted by Alpha Dog - oSeat on 03.29.10 6:33 am

    […] Even a submissive dog will feel the need to fill an alpha role if there is no clear alpha member of your family. An alpha dog will feel it needs to ma… Dog Eaters » Blog Archive » Deciding Who&39;s The Alpha Male […]

  2. Posted by BlackDogClan on 03.29.10 6:42 am

    Especially if there is a power vacuum.

  3. Posted by pharmacy technician on 03.31.10 2:49 pm

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  4. Posted by BlackDogClan on 03.31.10 4:32 pm

    Thanks for dropping in!

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