Dog Eaters

Day 3, Saturday, San Diego Comicon

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Yes, we are. Aren’t we?

Evil Twins. A new crop every year. This year looks good…

These super heroes look a bit more wholesome, but looks can be deceiving…

Especially with makeup.

Some of my favorite Con people, the Stunt People. They are looking for funding for their action movie, DEATH GRIP. Please drop $5 on them at Indie GoGo. Featuring Johnny Yong Bosch, from Power Rangers.

Emily McGuiness from Latchkey Kids — a vocal supporter of Dog Eaters!

Mead takes a break.

Didn’t hear what was being said, but I’m sure it was deep.

G.I. Joes at the Hasbro booth. Not sure what that age rating is for character on the left. If it’s “Age 7 and Above,” I might have to file a complaint.

This guy has a story, but I’m not sure what it is…

Ghost Rider did so well, they’re making another one. Uh, huh.

Pan Am also has a second life. I knew someone who’s father used to fly for them, but I don’t think he’ll be getting a call for a job.

A couple of red heads, one more orange, I guess.

Not feeling well? I have a little something for what ails you…

Feeling the heat?

Then get some fan action or even double fan action.

Resin Bob Square Pants.

Odd couple…

View from escalator to the upstairs exhibition halls.

James Hong (Blade Runner, BIg Trouble In Little China) takes a swing at Chewbaca. I think he knocked him out…

Happily married, the couple that bites each other, stays together.

Where the worst team in the National League plays.

Spotted this Invader piece…
And then back to

For the last time.

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