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Posted on 10.28.17 3:16AM under Uncategorized


BLADERUNNER — great atmosphere, production design, sonic depth, artsy side scenes. A lot of love, effort and thought went into this, but if didn’t have the personality, charm, charisma, and memorable lines and soundtrack of the original.

There were scenes of hi-tech and post-apocalyptic destruction but none of the on-the-ground, small eateries and businesses

And Cybercity LA 2049 should have much more racial diversity from Hispanic to the wide spectrum of Polynesian and Asian. A 95% Caucasian cast weakens the verisimilitude. There were more characters with European accents than human Asians. Joi was a huge naked holgraphic presence, though…

Still highly enjoyable and certainly has more food for thought than a Marvel or DC movie. We have been discussing this for more than 24 hours and in a time where attention spans seem to be that of a gnat, that’s an accomplishment.


Tokyo at the time Bladerunner opened has a bit of that feeling.



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