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Are Euphoria

Posted on 04.20.17 1:33AM under are euphoria, Dustin Wong, Takako Minekawa, Uncategorized

Takako Minekawa and Dustin Wong’s 3rd album, “Are Euphoria,” drops in April 2017 via 7 e.p. in Japan and from Thrill Jockey in the States in June 2017.

“Recorded and mixed by Wong, “Are Euphoria” is a refined version of what the duo has become known for. Exploring loops, samples and layers, the album paints a quirky otherworldliness. Minekawa’s vocals, which possess a serene transparency alongside Wong’s intricately constructed and ever-fluid sonic support, together present an album that is interested in creating atmosphere rather than any sort of conventional verse-chorus-verse structure.” — Ryotaro Aoki




It has been three years since Dustin and Takako have released an album and this article in the Japan Times touches on some of the reasons why. Dustin was born at the Kapiolani Children’s Hospital (same as Barak Obama), brought up in Japan and started his music career in America. His return to Japan five years ago meant yet another culture shock.

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