Dog Eaters

A surprising new Black dog clan member!

Posted on 04.30.10 6:05PM under Uncategorized

No, not Mathew Fox from Lost. He’s a member but not a new one. Mr. Fox was initiated at the 2008 San Diego Comic-con. On the left is Miyuki and she brought her dog, Mick, to the office yesterday.

Here’s what they call an “American joke,” in Japan. The dog’s name is “Mick.” You pronounce that “meeku,” if spelled in katakana. There’s a meat and potatoes dish the Japanese call, niku jagga — which is literally: meat and potatoes. So I call Miyuki’s dog, Meeku Jagga (who is also the Rolling Stones singer).

Hungry yet? Didn’t laugh? Well, that’s why they call it an “American joke!”

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