Dog Eaters

The Story

Mankind failed to transcend the Petroleum Age.
The Die Off killed nine out of ten people worldwide.
One hundred and seventy five years later, civilization consists of scattered nomadic tribes, isolated casino-cities, and roving bands of predatory bandits.

This is the world of the Black Dog Clan.


Dog Eaters is set in a future, following an apocalyptic event called the Die Off that drastically reduces the world’s population. Survivors have reverted to a near state of barbarism, piecing together the technology that remains while doing everything they can to survive in a brutal, dystopian world.

The story begins with the Black Dog Clan, a tribe of wandering nomads on their final run through a perilous desert on their way to start their own casino city. They travel in a convoy of old vehicles retrofitted with armor and weaponry they’ve recycled from military weapon dumps and spare parts.

Under the leadership of Lamont Black Dog, the Black Dogs are a formidable group of fighters who aren’t easily intimidated by the dangers of the open road. Even so, they’ve got to be on their guard — along the way, the scattered bandit tribes known as the Roaches will do anything they can to knock the convoy off the road and take their goods, lives and women.

But when the Black Dog Clan rescues a wayward traveler from the north who’s on a mysterious quest, they find themselves in the midst of change as the controlling Lamont makes personal decisions that divide the clan. Will the Black Dogs make it through their final run and achieve their dreams… or will they have to cull their own pack to survive?

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  1. Posted by John Manley on 04.05.11 7:47 pm

    Finally saw the website, very interesting. Here’s the email to send pics of Uncle Oliver’s trip

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