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comicon, day 2 (Friday, July 24, ’09)

Posted on 07.24.09 9:35PM under cosplay, San Diego Comicon 2009

Friday was a larger wave than Thursday, but less defined — like a bit of a mushy swell with an onshore wind. I tried to get a handle on it by taking a trip to Image Comics. On the way I passed Dark Horse.

And saw this on the back of a woman.
And was almost arrested by a pair of Judge Dredds, one male, the other female.
We are the law!
Mixed and matched universe of characters.
Another scrambled group…
And then back through Star Wars territory.
But what’s this?
A pretty odd couple…
But then another surprise at the Dabel Brothers booth. Who was this mousy girl?
Why it’s Pris in yet another of her marvelous manifestations. Truly a chameleon.

Cung Le, undefeated MMA Middleweight Champion was signing his action figure. He is also an action movie star.
I pitched Dog Eaters to him and his manager and it was interesting to see how their faces closed (his manager was a bit more open). My “thin slice” perception of this was that people were always trying to get a piece of him and use it to their advantage. He’s overcome some incredible odds, so I give him props.

Pale blue skin with ears like — mannequin
— this. Sort of…
he seems to love kids…

At the Props Store of London, an almost museum-like presentation of props
The idol in the beginning of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”
Skull in Nazi helmet.
Nothing to this prop. The kind of thing you get at a dollar store.
Kinda shiny…
So is this.
The glossy version of the evil sisters.
The Blythe-like proportions of this character caught my eye.
Low-belted, high-holstered style.
Not much of a bicep, but could be deadly in other ways…
I’m not responsible for this unflattering shot. I asked for a photo and the assistant told me to get her now before she went on camera. I wonder how she looked then…
People react to fear in different ways. One laughs. One is burnt to a crisp. One has no reaction at all.
In a dangerous world… Let’s just make it even more dangerous by pointing guns!
I prefer a magic hammer to a gun. More explosive!
Took a trip to Artists Alley and bought some art from Chris Bautista. My second piece. Here he critiques (in a nice way) an artist’s portfolio.
This is from the Superman/Batman Annual 2008.
I also got these pieces:
“Aargh!! I am hit” Marvel Classics (Iiliad) 1977
This is AVP Issue 4 (undated) by Ben Herrera, a not-so-well-known artist.
I spent some time with this “legend” ( I worked with Stan Lee!), but did not purchase anything.

We left the Convention Center for lunch. Fog had burned off. Nice and sunny.
Azteca TV — not Ghostbusters.
Heard a murmur in the crowd. That’s the guy from Criminal Minds! Not him, the guy on crutches.
These two were promoting a game. Both extremely near-sighted…
This guy was wearing a Space Exploration Security Force uniform. Think that’s authentic?
I hope they really mean this…
Troy Duffy, director of Boondock Saints and the sequel, is a Black Dog Clan member.
Garrett Wang, from Star Trek Voyager, is also a Black Dog Clan member.
Auntie Lolita
These Ghostbusters have cleavage!
With the cops in the background, the inker/writer Saleem, kept a low profile…
Always have to be alert for a zombie attack.
She called herself, “Pele.”
The San Diego sun at seven-thirty.
View from the hotel.
Gonna call it a day…

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  1. Posted by angel oloshove on 07.26.09 2:57 pm

    The mousy girl is Professor Sybil Trelawney from Harry Potter! She’s the Divinations teacher! Awesome costume!!!

  2. Posted by Original Golden Idol from Raiders here... - Page 8 on 11.26.11 3:15 pm

    […] Idol from Raiders here… I also came across another photo of the prop store idol here: comicon, day 2 (Friday, July 24, ’09) | Dog Eaters I know there are already several photos of the prop store idol on here, but I think this is a new […]

  3. Posted by Question about nylon/lycra catsuits ( Catwoman cosplayers, I'm talkin to you ) on 05.24.12 4:54 am

    […] Re: Question about nylon/lycra catsuits ( Catwoman cosplayers, I'm talkin to you ) Hmmm… I normally wear latex for cat woman but this fabric is thin, stretchy and not heavy. I have other suits of this fabric and its very light. Have you thought of a catsuit made of neoprene? Its used it wetsuits, its stronger but hot yet fitted. Just a thought. if you go to a womens clothing store they normally have leggings in this material for faux leather tights, or go to a material shop where you can feel and see the fabric to get an idea without committing dollars. Basically if I was doing this costume I would go with what you've planned – Id at least try it, Id just like the sexiness. Id attach the velcro to an area that wasn't under high strain or stretch, and while experimenting might even do a little patch of reinforcing stretch fabric – you do discover these issues as you go. id use a stretch stitch on my machine to reduce strain and use my walker foot for puckering unless I hand stitched. I would experiment with some fabric Id buy at a fabric shop first. A thing I would worry about is the armour piece not sitting how I wanted ……. Those are just some thoughts, but a custom female leather outfit that was very fitted with soft leather would be really good. Good luck and I hope some ladies with sewing skills can help! I found a link theres a photo of a female version who seems to have use leather as well. comicon, day 2 (Friday, July 24, ’09) | Dog Eaters […]

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