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A message from the past

Posted on 06.14.13 4:13AM under Peter T. Brown, Redza Piyadasa

Going through old negatives in storage for over 30 years..

Redza Piyadasa (1939 – 2007) makes a sweeping proclamation, “Art is a Lie!” to Fred Roster at his One-Man MFA Show on the 3rd floor plaza of the Art Building, University of Hawaii, Manoa in 1977.
photo by Peter T. Brown (1955-1981)

Fragments of a conceptual art piece by Redza Piyadasa at the University of Hawaii, Manoa (1977)

Liz Lee points out something of interest in the wreckage of Redza’s art after the show closed to Peter T. Brown.

Photo by Malcolm Wong w/Peter’s camera.

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  1. Posted by Carmen Nge on 01.27.15 9:15 pm

    Dear Malcolm,

    I am a lecturer at a local university in Malaysia and came across these archived photos of yours.

    I happen to be teaching about the work of Piyadasa in my Malaysian Media and Culture class and I was wondering if you can shed some light on the circumstances leading up to this destruction of Piya’s work at the U of Hawaii. This is a slice of his history that is very unknown to me.

    FYI, Piya used to be my art teacher when I was a student in Malaysia before I left to continue my studies in the U.S. So he has a special place in my memories.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Many thanks!!

  2. Posted by BlackDogClan on 02.10.15 6:57 pm

    I’m excited that you were close to Redza (that’s what we called him in Honolulu)!

    He may have mentioned Prithwish Neogy. We took the same class and it spawned many wonderful conversations in 1977-78.

    I have photos of the “battle/dialectic” between Redza and Laura Ruby. Such fun times! Life was exciting in Hawaii in the 70s. Just before the world was seduced by Wall Street.

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