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Last Sunday of June

Posted on 06.29.15 2:51AM under Paris

Is a flea market on Rue de Feutrier. The last several years it has rained, but this Sunday was gorgeous!

feutrier flea market

feutrier flea market_02

feutrier flea market_05

feutrier flea market_14

There seems to be a lot of interest in taxidermy and large mounted insects in display boxes.

feutrier flea market_hitler lighter

And a pinpoint of interest in Nazis, perhaps…

feutrier flea market_10

feutrier flea market_16

And/or politics…

feutrier flea market_15

feutrier flea market_20

And breasts are always in fashion.

feutrier flea market_21

And grammar.

ecole maternelle

But what does an alligator have to do with a kindergarten?

feutrier flea market_27

feutrier flea market_25

I think we discussed sociopolitical issues, but perhaps that was my imagination.

feutrier flea market_29

But the real treasure was the vintage Sony Walkman in mint condition!

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