Dog Eaters

50 years after the summer of love

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The Summer of Love, 1967…

The seeds that were planted in the late 60s and liberally fertilized with LSD have grown wildly and out of control, but back then it was all good. And it seems like yesterday…



Is there any way to do some judicious weeding and pruning?

Dragon Con, Atlanta GA

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At the Dabel Brothers’ Dragon Con booth in Atlanta Georgia over Labor Day weekend, sales were great for the complete 200 page, full-color DOG EATERS! Yay!.




Screen reality, redux

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trainposterLike this is going to help.

Location: Tokyo, Araiyakushimae Station, Seibu Shinjuku Line,

The Screen

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Lots of strange shit coming down, creating and recording these tunes keeps me sane. The Screen


pop aniani ku’i ‘ai

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pink,violet(red dots)_2

Trying a different look. These feel very good in the hand, suitable for people of average strength!

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