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wall street to zuccotti park

Posted on 10.20.11 4:36PM under Occupy Wall Street

Police with 4-horsepower. These are herders of the Occupiers. While it was quiet on Wall St. on Oct 12, arrests were made on Oct 15 when over 10,000 people marched on Times Square. Horse were involved.

Tourists from EU are still bullish on the bull of Wall Street.

The building, the man, the hairdo… Smells of pomade.

Don’t make eye contact!

These cops are docile. This is right after they tear gassed the girls, so I think they gave these cops Prozac so it wouldn’t happened again. At least until the next weekend…

Cameras, media, tourists abound, but the mystery of Occupy Wall St. is that it is both under- and over-whelming. There are maybe a thousand people here, but media has given them a voice. It is leaderless which makes it impossible to co-opt. If you have a leader, like Assante of Wikileaks, he/she can be targeted and discredited on a personal level. Then the whole movement can be dismissed. Occupiers are amorphous, amoebic. Trying to get a handle on them is like trying to capture melting jello in a strainer.

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