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The ‘Dog Eaters’ Official Website is Live!

Posted on 05.25.08 8:46PM under News

We’re pleased to announce that after a fierce battle with some code and some skirmishes with CSS, we’ve brought the official Dog Eaters website online!

What’s Dog Eaters , you might ask? It’s a comic book / manga graphic novel that’s going to be coming to stores in Fall, 2008. The story was created by Malcolm Wong, who wrote the original draft as a screenplay and entered it into the Creative Screenwriting Screenwriter’s Expo 5 in 2006. Malcolm won a bunch of awards, including the chance to have his screenplay adapted for comics!

"So why’d it take so long?" you might ask. And the answer is simple: whether you’re creating a comic book or making a movie, production takes time. You’ve got to find the right people to work on the project, and then you’ve got to work on the conceptual art to get the characters to look just right. From there, you’ve got to get a plan ready and hope that everything stays on schedule. And even once you start to make headway, you’ve got to let the business guys handle all the promotion and marketing so that the general public knows that the project is something they might want to check out. It’s a lot of work!

…but fortunately, we love what we’re doing, and we don’t mind putting in the effort to bring this awesome story to you. And from the artwork we’re going to be adding to this site every week as we get closer to the release date, you’ll see the incredible amount of care that’s gone in to adapting this very cool screenplay into the graphic fiction format.

"But… why is it called Dog Eaters ?" you might be wondering. "Do people in this book really eat dogs?"

The answer is that this story is set in the far future, 175 years after an apocalyptic event called the "DIE OFF" where 90% of the world’s population suddenly… well, died off. The survivors descended into near-barbarism, clustering in casino cities and piecing together the remains of the old society to help them stay alive in this tough new world. Those who aren’t living in cities have formed into tribes, wandering around in the wasteland, trading goods. Food can be scarce, but these nomads can count on packs of dogs following them from city to city, waiting for scraps. Thus there are times when it’s necessary to "cull the pack" and make a meal so that both the human tribes and the dogs depending upon them can survive.

But don’t think this is just a comic about having Rover for dinner — it’s a story about survival, loyalty, courage, and romance; a story that’s got all the makings of a great summer blockbuster… or a fantastic graphic novel.

And as we update the site, you’ll catch a glimpse of some of the great stuff we’ve got in store as we get closer to launch. But in the meantime, check out the art we’ve already put up, and let us know what you think!

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