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[Interview] The Characters of Dog Eaters, with Creator/Writer Malcolm Wong

Posted on 07.16.08 8:47AM under Interviews

Yesterday, we explored the world of Dog Eaters . But today, we’re talking to creator Malcolm Wong about some of the burning questions we’ve had about the characters.

BlackDogClan : What can you tell us about Bevan White Eagle, and the place he comes from?

Malcolm Wong : Bevan is from the Pacific Northwest.  His tribe is more technologically advanced than the desert people.  He is passing through the desert on a mission to South America for his tribe when he is ambushed by Roaches.  The Black Dog Clan saves his life.

BlackDogClan : What’s up with Bevan’s quest?

Malcolm Wong : Like the Black Dog Clan, one of the coming of age milestones is the “vision quest.”  Psychotropic plants are ingested and the vision that each boy has informs the goal and purpose of his life.  But this is something that is not expressed to any and everyone.  In contrast, Tommy has learned to “see” vectors, trajectories, and deflection angles – which makes him a marvelous marksman.

BlackDogClan : Who’s better in a fight — Tommy or Stevie?

Malcolm Wong : That’s a tough question.  Tommy is a better shot, but Stevie has a more level head.  If you were to compare them one-on-one, in a quick fight, probably Tommy.  But Stevie thinks ahead, strategically.

BlackDogClan : What’s Chunga’s story? How long has she been with the clan?

Malcolm Wong : She was born into the clan.

BlackDogClan : Who’s really running the clan … Lamont or Rebecca?

Malcolm Wong : Lamont is the chief, but Rebecca is also very necessary for the survival of the clan.  Rebecca has the long-term vision and is the spiritual leader and healer.  Lamont is the muscle.  He has kept the clan alive against larger and stronger forces when other clans have been defeated and scattered.  Some of these defeated clansmen have been absorbed into the Black Dog Clan.

BlackDogClan : Is Bronco a Roach, or just really friendly with them?

Malcolm Wong : Bronco’s father established Three Palms and while Bronco was born there, he is of Roach stock.  While there are some genetic differences between Black Dog and Roaches, they are still able to interbreed.

BlackDogClan : There’s a picture of a girl named Rose up in the gallery… who is she?

Malcolm Wong : I’d love to tell you, but, you know… you’ll just have to wait until the Black Dog Clan reaches Three Palms in issue #2 to find out!

Thanks to Malcolm for answering these questions!

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