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Miss Hula Hawaii @ Roppongi Hills

Posted on 06.24.13 6:18PM under hokulani holt, hula, miss hula hawaii

Huge congratulations to Napualiko Lokelani, Junko Wong Sensei and Kumu Hokulani Holt for the wonderful results at Miss Hula Hawaii Contest 2013!!
Arisa So – 3rd place, Miss Hula Hawaii Girl (solo)

Shuko Saito, Arisa, Keiko Iwai (Ebi), Ritsuho, Haruno – 2nd place Wahine Group

Iwai Keiko (Ebi) – 1st place Miss Hula Hawaii
She’s Queen for the Day! Actually for the year as she has photo shoots, appearances, ect. like a Miss America.

Waiting for the results is a tense moment of hope broken with laughter.

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