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Posted on 11.29.15 4:04AM under Estria, Honolulu, Waikiki

Ever-changing Kakaako. The construction in Honolulu is overwhelming. All fueled by fake money from the stock markets both domestic and foreign.



But on a nice day, it all looks wonderful, regardless.


st. louis heights
Even a cloudy day…

kakaako grafitti

There is a block or two of token “urbanism.” Estria has something to do with this, I think.

Kalakaua Ave is four lanes of one-way traffic through the heart of Waikiki, which is several square miles of boutiques. And a beach, I suppose…


It’s been a while since I’ve spent more than a day or two in Honolulu and while it certainly is beautiful, the traffic is not. At all…


The sign lies. There is no parking!

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