Dog Eaters


The Roaches positions have been zeroed

Chunga leads the Black Dog Clan in a counter-attack against the Roaches. Tommy readies his rifle. He’s a dead shot with any weapon.

In the confusion of combat…

The Roaches have Bevan pinned and are on the verge of finishing him off.

The first 16 images of the iPad/iPhone app for Dog Eaters will be comprised of color with the inks, making the blacks, definitely black. Inks were made for Issue #0, which is comprised of 16 pages. You can dowload Issue #0 for free from the left sidebar.

The true price of a decision can be higher than expected

Tommy makes a risky decision…

How well does Tommy know Rose? In some ways, very well. In others, well…

Printout for Long Beach Comic-con

Photo-matte printouts will be available at the Latchkey Studios table for cheap! If you go, please check them out. This is one of 6 different images.

Tommy has one more item to auction

At Urbano, Tommy finds one more item to auction. And someone catches his eye…

Rose in urbano studies

We’re going with the hair styles on the left.

Rose will be wearing both more — and less — during her Urbano appearance.

Black Dog Clan Caravan — color

The caravan rides off in the sunset — towards their future…

Black Dog Clan Caravan

The Black Dog Clan makes its way south down the trade route to Urbano.
Issue 5 pg 20 pencil detail. Artist: Guillermo Angel

Urbano Color Study

Color study for Ubano, the largest trading center on the Black Dog Clan’s route to the Gulf.

Urbano roughs

Castle-like walls and guns protect the largest city on the trade route. Clans and tribes gather to trade goods and relax in relative safety at Urbano.

2010 Dog Eaters screenprint#1

Due to some registration issues, only 6 of these were successfully printed. We are going to try again, using a half-tone instead of a dither, and open up the mid-range tones.

2010 Dog Eaters screenprint#2

This is an edition of about 20 (I’m going to have to double-check that). It looks quite stunning when framed…

Artwork for 2010 Dog Eaters screenprint#1

Printing in L.A. in late July 2010

Artwork for 2010 Dog Eaters screenprint#2

Printing in L.A. in late July 2010

2010 Dog Eaters T-shirts

T-shirts avaiable at the Junie Moon Online Shopping site.

Who’s Got Tommy’s back

Bevan is posing a challenge for Tommy. Who will back him?

Dog Eaters Issue#4, page 19 detail

Roach meet and greet.

Covers 1 – 4

You will see covers 1- 3 at your comic stores. Covers 4 – 6 will be seen as chapter headings in the graphic novel.

Issue 5: pencil to color


Black Dog Clan in spectator mode


Tracy T-Shirt summer 2010


Dog Eaters t-shirt summer 2010


Bevan, healed by light


Issue 4 page 29 panel detail

In a pitched battle, Tracy finds herself in jeopardy. But Lamont will do anything in his power to protect his daughter.

Concept sketches for Urbano

Anasazi steampunk…

Issue #4 pg 28 panel detail

1st draft of color for page 28 by Brolo

Dog Eaters screenprints available!

22″ x 30″ Stonehenge paper
edition of 19, $35.00 USD, shipped from L.A.

22″ x 30″ Stonehenge paper
edition of 20, $35.00 USD, shipped from L.A.

22″ x 30″ Stonehenge paper
edition of 22, $35.00 USD, shipped from L.A.

22″ x 30″ Stonehenge paper
edition of 20, $35.00 USD, shipped from L.A.

This is my framed Dog Eaters screenprint on newsprint. This is more appropriate for wheatpasting, but I’m saving the archival prints (edition of 20) on Stonehenge paper for other people.

Issue #2 pg 10 panel detail

Tommy spots Rose, a girl he thinks would be a good distraction for Stevie, but Stevie “isn’t in the mood,” and Tommy takes over…

Issue 2 pg 22 panel detail

Tommy runs afoul of the Bronco, the power of Three Palms, when he spends some quality time alone with Rose.

Commission for American Fan


Guillermo Angel (art director, artist for Dog Eaters) did this commission for an American fan — he has all three issues that have been printed. This was $65.00.

Issue #4 page 28 panel detail, pencil

Lamont seems to looking for a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Hey it worked for Obama!

Issue #4, page 25 frame detail

In the spirit of Halloween, 2009…

Tracy spots some Roaches…

Issue #4, pg 20, panel detail

Conceptual Art

Character Design Evolution for issue #5: Tommy, Stevie, Bevan, Bronco

Time has passed for the characters of DOG EATERS.
Tommy’s hair has grown out.
So has Stevie’s.
Bevan hasn’t had a hair cut either.
But Bronco has a new vest…

Character Design evolution Issue #5: Tracy & Angie

Time has passed for the younger women of the Black Dog Clan as well and they are undergoing more fundamental physical changes…
Tracy is growing more mature…
And Angie is well into her pregnancy…
We won’t see her like this in the comic. This is her “wire frame” before her clothes get put on.




Lamont Studies.
Tommy Study.
Bevan’s Tattoos.

Three Palms, a medium-small casino city on the road to Urbano. Population 15,500.

Inking and Toning Samples


Pencil on left by Guillermo Angel, ink on right by Sharii Chankhamma

Color Tests and Pages

Lamont Studies This was a color test that applied color to the ink & toned page. While it has an interesting look, the toned vehicles seemed to be a apart from the background, like the vehicles had been pasted onto a background.

Here is a different color treatment on the same pencil drawing. Color makes a difference, doesn’t it!

It’s interesting to see how much a difference color makes. On the right, the toned and inked page you can find in the Preview Issue #0.

This time, the toned and inked page from the Preview Issue #0, is on the left.

This is the casino scene in Three Palms from Issue 2

Angie: detail from the promo piece which featured all the main Black Dog clansmen.

Issue #1: First 10 pages colored and lettered

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