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120 minute nonstop live @ Soup

Posted on 03.18.14 7:46AM under Dustin Wong, Dustin Wong

Dustin played without stopping to take a breath, one tune merging into another for 2 hours straight…

Dustin’s latest album, Mediation of Ecstatic Energy.

Two days later, Dustin had a talk/performance with photographer, Honma Takashi, at the Axis Building in Roppongi.

Tokyo Tower

The talk included video footage of a deer hunt in Hokkaido. There was a shot of a deer scrambling to escape in slow motion, hunters in florescent garb, butchering, the preparation of venison in a small gourmet restaurant. And three kinds of birds that descended on the offal. The small birds came first. Then the crows. Then the hawks came last.

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