Dog Eaters


Posted on 07.23.16 under Waikiki

surfjack pool

Surf Jack Hotel. A boutique hotel that a couple of friends work at. It’s an artful renovation.

However, this is the view from the room.

view from surfjack

And if you look closer…

view from surfjack2

You can see the sleeping man in an apartment across the street.

ala wai

ala wai2

Ala Wai Canal has no fence or guardrails.

ala wai

“No fish, either,” he said.


dolphin mural



aina face mural


Wake up, little Suzi
Wake up!
We’ve both been sound asleep
Wake up, little Susie, and weep

Cuz Tropical Storm Darby is on its way!


Posted on 11.29.15 under Estria, Honolulu, Waikiki

Ever-changing Kakaako. The construction in Honolulu is overwhelming. All fueled by fake money from the stock markets both domestic and foreign.



But on a nice day, it all looks wonderful, regardless.


st. louis heights
Even a cloudy day…

kakaako grafitti

There is a block or two of token “urbanism.” Estria has something to do with this, I think.

Kalakaua Ave is four lanes of one-way traffic through the heart of Waikiki, which is several square miles of boutiques. And a beach, I suppose…


It’s been a while since I’ve spent more than a day or two in Honolulu and while it certainly is beautiful, the traffic is not. At all…


The sign lies. There is no parking!