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The study of rain…

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It started as a dry day.

double rainbow_2

Then the rain sweeps down from the mountain…




A brief reprieve but it will start again…


Invoke the Ghosts…

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Since early August, 4 important people in my life have passed…


Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door

(Photo by Peter T. Brown, Orgone Accumulator by Jesse Christensen)

fred on fred_a_lite

Fred Roster: sculpture professor at University of Hawaii, Manoa.

(Photo by Malcolm Wong)


Jerry Konanui (with Duffy Chang and his wife Gladys at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel): the grand kumu of awa and kalo throughout the Hawaiian Islands and Pacific.


Shereen Kanehisa: friend, artist, activist.

(Film still from FEAR OF FAILURE, produced, directed by Malcolm Wong)


Maggie Robinson (with her twins Tim and Nat at their Punahou graduation): artist, curator, mentor

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 8.18.31
Invoke the Ghosts by Cloud Hands Project

Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi

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NihonMitsuCara Delevingne


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BLADERUNNER — great atmosphere, production design, sonic depth, artsy side scenes. A lot of love, effort and thought went into this, but if didn’t have the personality, charm, charisma, and memorable lines and soundtrack of the original.

There were scenes of hi-tech and post-apocalyptic destruction but none of the on-the-ground, small eateries and businesses

And Cybercity LA 2049 should have much more racial diversity from Hispanic to the wide spectrum of Polynesian and Asian. A 95% Caucasian cast weakens the verisimilitude. There were more characters with European accents than human Asians. Joi was a huge naked holgraphic presence, though…

Still highly enjoyable and certainly has more food for thought than a Marvel or DC movie. We have been discussing this for more than 24 hours and in a time where attention spans seem to be that of a gnat, that’s an accomplishment.


Tokyo at the time Bladerunner opened has a bit of that feeling.



50 years after the summer of love

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The Summer of Love, 1967…

The seeds that were planted in the late 60s and liberally fertilized with LSD have grown wildly and out of control, but back then it was all good. And it seems like yesterday…



Is there any way to do some judicious weeding and pruning?

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