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Wannabies by Madsaki

Posted on 06.10.16 under Isaac Wong, madsaki, Murakami Takashi, takahide kawakami, Takashi Murakami, wannabies, yuri shimojo

At Clear Edition, Roppongi. A re-rendering of art from history in Madsaki‘s crash-bang style!



Madsaki has been a friend since the late 90s when he was a student at Parsons in NYC. We know him through Yuri Shimojo who CWC repped at the time.

(Junko and Yuri)

Madsaki has now been taken under the wing of Takashi Murakami whose influence on Japan is likened to Andy Warhol’s influence on the United States.


Murakami’s “My Lonesome Cowboy” was auctioned at Sotheby’s in 2008 for $15 million when it was expected to go for three or four. And yes, that is an anime character turning his ejaculate into a lasso.

But that was then…

Isaac Wong had an interesting point. “Murakami’s not a creator now, he’s more of a curator.”

And while he’s collecting art, he’s also collecting artists.

murakami takashi


The old gang, Taka, Kazuya (another Yuri ex), Junko, Madsaki.



This is a hit series, for sure, and there are plenty more art historical works left to re-interpret. The Neolithic awaits!