Dog Eaters

Night cruisin’

Posted on 10.12.16 under Shibuya, shinjuku

meiji jingu mae

If you’re been to Harajuku, surely you’ve been inside Condomania. Gotta keep the population down!


There’s always something different going on in there.


The best department store in Japan, maybe the world.


Wondering what the appeal is?


Meiji to Yasukuni Dori

Posted on 09.16.15 under Isaac Wong, shinjuku

isaac jins3_lite
Isaac after getting new glasses at Jins on Meiji Dori near Meiji Jingu Crossing
Shinjuku 4-chome

yasukuni dori
Yasukuni Dori, Shinjuku

omoide yokocho
Omoide Yoko-cho or Memory Alley

Nishi Shinjuku Eve

Posted on 07.23.15 under shinjuku

nishi shinjuku

The polarity of the portal must be reversed! Gozer is coming!

shin members3

Just a another way of searching for “ideal form.”

They say they’re looking for “new members” for depilation but it’s so popular you can’t get an appointment. And of course the middle member is a doll who probably has no hair from her earlobes on down.