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From the ghost of SDCC past…

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It’s San Diego Comic Con right now. But this is from 2011.

Day 3, Saturday, San Diego Comicon

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Yes, we are. Aren’t we?

Evil Twins. A new crop every year. This year looks good…

These super heroes look a bit more wholesome, but looks can be deceiving…

Especially with makeup.

Some of my favorite Con people, the Stunt People. They are looking for funding for their action movie, DEATH GRIP. Please drop $5 on them at Indie GoGo. Featuring Johnny Yong Bosch, from Power Rangers.

Emily McGuiness from Latchkey Kids — a vocal supporter of Dog Eaters!

Mead takes a break.

Didn’t hear what was being said, but I’m sure it was deep.

G.I. Joes at the Hasbro booth. Not sure what that age rating is for character on the left. If it’s “Age 7 and Above,” I might have to file a complaint.

This guy has a story, but I’m not sure what it is…

Ghost Rider did so well, they’re making another one. Uh, huh.

Pan Am also has a second life. I knew someone who’s father used to fly for them, but I don’t think he’ll be getting a call for a job.

A couple of red heads, one more orange, I guess.

Not feeling well? I have a little something for what ails you…

Feeling the heat?

Then get some fan action or even double fan action.

Resin Bob Square Pants.

Odd couple…

View from escalator to the upstairs exhibition halls.

James Hong (Blade Runner, BIg Trouble In Little China) takes a swing at Chewbaca. I think he knocked him out…

Happily married, the couple that bites each other, stays together.

Where the worst team in the National League plays.

Spotted this Invader piece…
And then back to

For the last time.

Day 2, Friday, July 22 San Diego Comicon

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Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… an alien. And cowboy.

Went to the Omni to meet Brandon (he was kind enough to bring a Dog Eaters presentation to Mipcom in Cannes, France last winter. One of Brandon’s most influential teachers was Walt Simonson, the seminal Thor artist of the 80s.

Brandon is the younger of the two ; )

A very gracious man, Walt treated me to the very expensive buffet breakfast. Thanks, Mr. Simonson!

5th Ave by the train tracks…

Tim Broadstreet and Thomas Jane of Raw Studios, inspect Walking Dead posters.

This sort of looks like that basketball player, Sam Cassell. After a he lost a gunfight…

Anatomy of a woman, flayed.

Proceeds from photos taken in the “Back to the Future,” DeLorean were dedicated to The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease.

Would you believe anything Fox “News” told you?

A zombie wedges her way into the Disney characters social group. Could this be the end of the Princess Dream?

Hulk, angry! Or happy he gets to destroy something.

Weapons by Weta. Based in New Zealand, Weta first come into our consciousness because of their production design on “Lord of the Rings.”

Lev from Toy Tokyo just got married to a 36 yr. old woman from Guangzhou.
And now for the big story…

The return of the brothers, Dabel. And a possible deal with Sea Lion, headed by David Dabel.

Let’s hope we don’t end up like these poor souls…

Day 1, July 21 San Diego Comicon

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Missed the Preview Night for the first time, this year. Got some catching up to do…

Doby looks like he wet his pants. But did the lady in back wet hers, too?

Why I’d love to walk into my house at nightand get freaked out by a life-sized Gollem. And pay $699.99 for the pleasure!

Super hero transportation comes in different forms.

Caught up with Rich Young, formerly with Dabel Brothers when they published the first three issues of DOG EATERS. Rich landed on his feet and is the managing editor for Dynamite Entertainment and Blind Ferret. Here he signs a copy of GUTTERS, a series of stand-alone pages that parody comics. GUTTERS was nominated for five Harvey Awards.

Vampirella and friends. How does she match up to —

This is the Side Show Collectible version…

Another triple play of female super heros. Or are they villians?
I founds Alex Gardner at Artists alley totally by coincidence, a similar pose.

Firefly space ship.

CWC still has a presence with Kumanogollo at the DKE Booth in the vinyl toy section.

“Hey, why you taking picture of that? You take picture of me and post it on Facebook!” said Favio. I had two slices for $6 but didn’t get the drink.

Comic-related gallery on 5th Ave, right across from the Convention Center. Note the Simon Bianchi-stylings for Thor.