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Aniani Ku’i ‘ai and umeke

Posted on 08.29.16 under aniani ku'i 'ai, glass poi pounders, glassblowing, poi pounders, Umeke

Traditional Hawaiian poi pounders and containers executed in glass.


We call these, “Stubbies.” Squatter than the classic Hawaiian shape.


Umeke are usually made out of wood.
umeke_01 comparison

Ready fo’ pound!

Posted on 07.06.16 under aniani ku'i 'ai, glass, glass poi pounders, glassblowing, Ku'i 'ai, poi pounders


Aniani ku’i ‘ai.



See the vein on the left side of my forehead. I had one bulging on the other side, as well. It was so hot that day blowing glass, my body couldn’t shed the heat fast enough. I haven’t been so exhausted from blowing glass in several years.

Recent aniani ku’i ‘ai

Posted on 06.03.16 under aniani ku'i 'ai, glass, glass poi pounders, poi pounders

Or glass poi pounders. These are big one, from 6 to over 8 lbs.


7.7lb pink

7 lb pink bottom

pink 6 lbs



7 lb pink side

White & Violet Ku’i ‘ai

Posted on 03.24.16 under glass, Ku'i 'ai, poi pounders

Or poi pounders.
two pounders
The one on the left is 3lb 5oz. It will be an anniversary present for a lucky wife in Pearl City!

The one on the right is 4lb 8oz. It has a nice balance and weight for some serious pounding!



Fulfilling Lono’s vision

Posted on 02.28.16 under glass, poi pounders

Lono Logan has commissioned a glass poi pounder.


He has just gotten the piece of land behind him to cultivate taro, so when that is ready to pound, he will have his hands full!


First attempt. This one is over 7lbs which would be quite a workout if you were to use this for more than ten minutes.


This is the 2nd attempt.


It has great balance and I believe it would be a workhorse ku’i ai.

I made two more today and will have to wait until next week to check them out.

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