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Nakano at twilight

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The rains came, the skies cleared, the winds blew from the south…

nakano sunset_lite

Saturday Night in Tokyo

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It started in Nakano, a place known for Nakano Broadway, a mecca (wait, is that still a positive description?) for Otaku with its vinyl figures, manga, anime cells, maid bars, maid costumes, and all that good stuff.

sun plaza_lite

Nakano Sun Plaza reminds me of the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner.

tyrell corporation

Not nearly as majestic, though — and where are the flying cars? It’s almost 2019…

fureai road


We had dinner with Jessie, the daughter of my mentor, Mamoru Sato, a sculptor professor at the University of Hawaii, Manoa that advised me to become an art major. This was one of the biggest turning points of my life. We babysat Jessie and Dustin together — they were born just a couple of months apart.

I worked on Mo’s commissions throughout the years I was a student at UH.

mal grinding_lite


m fill stones2_lite


Mo and Kathleen Sato — perhaps before they married.
(B&W photos ©Peter T. Brown estate)

ptb hoop3*_lite
Peter Brown (1955-1981) did jump through hoops, but not the usual hoops… I took this photo with his camera, turning the tables.



bar rookie

bar rookie_2




Signage in “ura” Nakano. The “ura” parts of the major centers (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, etc) can be some of the most interesting.

Then I drove Jessica to her hotel in Shibuya and Dustin and Takako back to Wakabayashi, Setagaya.


seibu mae

I think they used this intersection in “Fast & Furious — Tokyo Drift.” Obviously, not going to race in this part of town. There would be more than a few traffic fatalities.



Hachiko intersection. Very interesting on weekends.

party bus

This party bus was empty. Kinda sad on a Saturday night!