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Invoke the Ghosts…

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Since early August, 4 important people in my life have passed…


Knock, knock, knocking on heaven’s door

(Photo by Peter T. Brown, Orgone Accumulator by Jesse Christensen)

fred on fred_a_lite

Fred Roster: sculpture professor at University of Hawaii, Manoa.

(Photo by Malcolm Wong)


Jerry Konanui (with Duffy Chang and his wife Gladys at the Princess Kaiulani Hotel): the grand kumu of awa and kalo throughout the Hawaiian Islands and Pacific.


Shereen Kanehisa: friend, artist, activist.

(Film still from FEAR OF FAILURE, produced, directed by Malcolm Wong)


Maggie Robinson (with her twins Tim and Nat at their Punahou graduation): artist, curator, mentor

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 8.18.31
Invoke the Ghosts by Cloud Hands Project


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New tune, “WHY” by Cloud Hands Project with energy inspired by Maggie Robinson who passed on Aug 10.

Photo ©Peter T. Brown Estate


Tim, Maggie, Nat at the twins’ graduation from Punahou in 1979. That was a great year…

Potero Hill, San Francisco 1982

Potero Hill, San Francisco 1982