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Tourists in Kyoto

Posted on 12.31.17 under Kyoto

The Shinkansen has a brief view of Mt. Fuji on the way to Kyoto.



It’s like cosplay near Kiyomizu-dera. Busloads of tourists, mostly Asian start unloading from late morning.



We went to pray for Junko’s mother who passed on December 29, 2005 and is interred at Otani Hombyo. Junko’s grandmother is interred there, too.


The founder of this sect lived in this cave. This is the entrance.

And this is how it looks from the top.


From that cave to the current temple is quite a distance in time and expense. Every person interred is logged in a database. Once uploaded, no one will ever truly die!





And then it was 2018…

Kyoto is an interesting place…

Posted on 08.20.14 under Kyoto, yuri shimojo

At the top of Kyoto Station, a magnificent building, you will find the “Happy Terrace.”

Great view from up here.

With the soothing and peaceful sound of wind chimes to calm your troubled mind.

Coming from multiple Bose speakers…

Very quiet, usually there are throngs of people, but it was just after the Obon holidays and everyone had gone home.

Here is a little temple that offers “shiawase,” which means: contentment and happiness.

Doesn’t seem to be a shortage of freaks, but then again, what is a freak? Kyoto is not pressurized by Tokyo where the people are more rushed and stressed.

On the left, our guides for the day, Aya Fujimori and Yuri Shimojo.

The lovely and charismatic Yuri Shimojo.

The mountain where Yuri now lives has sacred place that are a bit overgrown…


Aya brought us to gallery/bookstore, Transpop.

A very interesting bookstore, Gakeshobo, where Yuri had a talk show the previous evening…

We paid our respects to Junko’s mother, Sumiko Matsumoto, whose ashes are interred at the Otani Temple.

Dinner was at Okiniya. Delicious neo-Japanese food and the master surprised us with his Buddhist art.