Dog Eaters

Master pounder!

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Paul pa'i'ai

Paul K. Robinson pounds out some pa’i ‘ai on Kahu Bula Logan’s papa and Malcolm Wong’s ku’i ‘ai aniani. It was a smooth, mochi-like result!

Ready fo’ pound!

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Aniani ku’i ‘ai.



See the vein on the left side of my forehead. I had one bulging on the other side, as well. It was so hot that day blowing glass, my body couldn’t shed the heat fast enough. I haven’t been so exhausted from blowing glass in several years.

White & Violet Ku’i ‘ai

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Or poi pounders.
two pounders
The one on the left is 3lb 5oz. It will be an anniversary present for a lucky wife in Pearl City!

The one on the right is 4lb 8oz. It has a nice balance and weight for some serious pounding!