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KuMaiKa Hula Japan

Posted on 06.30.17 under Ahumanu, Haruno Terayama, Junko Wong

Halau Napualikolokelani, under the direction of Junko Wong. trained hard for this competition and Haruno Terayama took 1st place in the solo.

Preparation for the performance at the dress rehearsal.




And then she won!

haruno wins_5

haruno wins_9

haruno wins_6

The group danced auana and kahiko and came in 2nd to Seiko Okamoto’s halau, Na mamo O Kaleinani. I’m biased but I thought our girls were better!


Music for the auna solo and group was performed by Ahumanu: Liz Morales, Marja Lehua, and Kekai Robinson.


Haruno will go on to Maui to compete in the KuMaiKa Hula competition at the Maui Arts Culture Center on Sept 5, 2017. She’s going to have to work hard!

Recent Glass

Posted on 12.19.15 under blown glass, Halau Napualikolokelani, Haruno Terayama, Sam 'Ohu Gon


Glass poi pounders made with McKinley High’s black and gold colors. This is Sam ‘Ohu Gon‘s Christmas present. He created the oli (Hawaiian chant) that Haruno performed at the Hula O Na Keiki last month and generously gave his time to coach her via Skype.

yellow gobs_2

These goblets are for a wedding. These are for the bride and her maids.

4 bluestemgobs

These were intended for the groom and groomsmen, but will also try for a beer rather than wine glass shape.

Haruno willl be competing at Hula O Na Keiki

Posted on 11.09.15 under Halau Napualikolokelani, Haruno Terayama, hula, Junko Wong

At the Kaanapali Beach hotel, from Nov 13 -15.

Still a few days away…

Haruno facetimes and takes selfies at Narita Airport.


Boarding HA364 in Honolulu, headed for OGG. (Kahului)

haruno_nite rehearsal

Practice, practice, practice…