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Aniani ku’i ‘ai Party Pounders

Posted on 09.17.17 under aniani ku'i 'ai, glass, glass poi pounders, glassblowing

While we’re waiting for the end of the world, enjoy your luau with pa’i ‘ai — hand-pounded taro with these high-end, glass poi pounders!







pop aniani ku’i ‘ai

Posted on 08.27.17 under aniani ku'i 'ai, glass, glass poi pounders, glassblowing

pink,violet(red dots)_2

Trying a different look. These feel very good in the hand, suitable for people of average strength!

Pele inspired

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pele 2.65, 3.56lb_4

3.16 orangish

3.16 bottom

2.59 whitish

2.59 bottom

2.59,3.16lb white,orange_2

New aniani ku’i ‘ai

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And if the elevator tries to bring you down. Go crazy!

3.4lb p,w,r

3.4 lbs. Feels very nice in the hand.

3.8lb p,w,r

3.8 lbs. Also feels very nice in the hand!

3.4&3.8lb p,w,r


This is also 3.8 lb and evoking imagery of Pele as the volcano continues to add to the land mass of Hawaii island.

With some 70s-inspired (and Wilfred Yamasawa-influenced) cane drawing.

goblets and pitchers

Posted on 07.08.17 under glassblowing, goblets


Traditional forms.

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