Dog Eaters

Master pounder!

Posted on 12.07.17 under glass poi pounders, Ku'i 'ai

Paul pa'i'ai

Paul K. Robinson pounds out some pa’i ‘ai on Kahu Bula Logan’s papa and Malcolm Wong’s ku’i ‘ai aniani. It was a smooth, mochi-like result!

Decorative yet very functional

Posted on 11.26.17 under aniani ku'i 'ai, blown glass, glass, glass poi pounders, glassblowing


Prepare to pound!

Posted on 11.22.17 under aniani ku'i 'ai, glass, glass poi pounders, glassblowing, poi pounders

3.3, 3.7lb orange;multi

Who needs mushrooms when you have kalo

Posted on 11.05.17 under aniani ku'i 'ai, glass, glass poi pounders, glassblowing


Like a molten lava lamp…



Listen to the Goddess

Posted on 10.02.17 under blown glass, Cloud Hands Project, glass, glass poi pounders, Listen to the Goddess, Malcolm Wong

New tune by Cloud Hands Project, Listen to the Goddess. Still have another high, legato element to add…


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