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Aniani Ku’i ‘ai in action!

Posted on 04.06.17 under aniani ku'i 'ai, glass, glass poi pounders

Darvin Kaleolani Kaneaiakala Jr. pounds pa’i ‘ai with one of Malcolm Wong’s glass poi pounders. It’s a big, heavy one (7 lbs) for a strong kanaka maoli!pinkanianiku'i'ai


pocket rocket aniani ku’i ‘ai

Posted on 12.18.16 under aniani ku'i 'ai, glass poi pounders, glassblowing

3 stubbies&lei_2

3 stubbies

Glass umeke, lollipop & crystal ku’ ‘ai

Posted on 11.21.16 under aniani ku'i 'ai, blown glass, glass poi pounders, glassblowing

Made in October and November 2016

bl,or,yel net ku'i 'ai

two pink umeke

8" umeke

pink umeke w:pewa

crystal ku' 'ai

Glass from mid-October

Posted on 10.29.16 under glass, glass poi pounders, glassblowing

cream&claret pounders

blue mortar&pestle

clear glasses

Aniani Ku’i ‘ai and umeke

Posted on 08.29.16 under aniani ku'i 'ai, glass poi pounders, glassblowing, poi pounders, Umeke

Traditional Hawaiian poi pounders and containers executed in glass.


We call these, “Stubbies.” Squatter than the classic Hawaiian shape.


Umeke are usually made out of wood.
umeke_01 comparison

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