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It’s getting colder…

Posted on 12.16.16 under Fuji, glass, glassblowing, goblets

fuji Dec 16 2017

And almost winter…

2016 was a monster of a year. Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, Fidel Castro, John Glenn, Harper Lee, Arnold Palmer, Prince, Gene Wilder, Nancy Reagan, Natalie Cole, Alan Rickman, Paul Kantner & Signe Anderson, George Martin, Keith Emerson, Garry Shandling, Glenn Frey… So many. So many more…

Drink a toast to these departed.

3 festive gobs_2

3 red festive gobs

3 festive gobs

And as for new beginnings? Well, we have 2017 and the Trump Era to look forward to.

Winter is coming

Posted on 11.10.16 under Fuji

First snow on Fuji-san. Seems like Tokyo skipped autumn this year. Might be a cold one.


Winter is coming

Posted on 11.30.15 under Fuji


“We wandered through quiet lands,
felt the first breath of snow.
Searched for the last pigeon,
slate grey I’ve been told.
Stumbled on a daffodil
which she crushed in the rush,
heard it sigh,
and left it to die.”

– Jethro Tull