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Summer is here

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Gloria models a shirt with her father’s (François Avril), illustration design. Very French!

Ground Control to Major Kim

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Ground Control is an art space/multiple bar and brasserie/event space/playground that exists for one year at a specific location.

ground control

An unused government property, in this case an old railway station, is taken over for a limited amounted of time and transformed into a cultural destination.

ground control_2

ground control_3

ground control_4

ground control_5

ground control_6

ground control_7

ground control_8

ground control_10

ground control_11

Kim Rosselier (ne Kim Gérard) has an exhibition there until next week.

ground control_kim2

He visited us in Tokyo with Victoire, an old family friend who’s father, François Avril, is an artist of CWC.

ground control_victoire

ground control_isaac

ground control_isaac2

Isaac checked out all the nooks and crannies.

We got one of Kim’s t-shirts.

ground control_kim,junko2

It’s a fun space. Great for sunbathing!

ground control_lovers