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Dog Eaters Fashion!

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Victoria Martin rocks her customized Dog Eaters t-shirt. Victoria is the daughter of Dey Martin, Founder/CEO at mTraks, Inc. In addition, he’s a custom ukulele luthier.

from the land that brought you manga and animé…

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On the street in Shinjuku, an ad trailer for “Hige Girl,” literally, “bearded girl” — a gathering place for “okama.” Which means, of course: “gay.”

Seen on the train platform at the Shin Minami Shibuya Station.

A name that I will forget. Sometime in the far, far future…

A couple of the items for sale at the Luvable & Hugable exhibition at Junie Moon in Daikanyama, Tokyo. Customized Neo Blythe and Middie Blythe.

Customized Neo-Blythes welcome in the New Year, Japanese style.

Fashion at the Marui One, Shinjuku.

Just a couple of the many options for footwear…

New York Comic Con — October 16, 2011

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She’s so happy in the face of Armageddon. I hope we all can be so cheerful.

World domination by the 1%! Yes!!

New York Comic Con – Oct 15, 2011

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Some interesting collaborations going on. On the street on a billboard, I saw Kaws x Hennessy collaboration/monetization/commercialization on a cognac bottle.
Here’s Softbank, a cell phone provider in Japan with Bandai.

And King Publications with Bloomingdale’s? That’s got to be the oddest coupling in a long while… although they did do one with Blythe as well.

Small scale

And a little larger. But you have to see it in full 1:1 scale!

Nipple Girl! Although androgynous, her voice was on the feminine side. She guarded the main entrance for hours at a time.

Promoting the movie, Silver Circle. “They control the money, they control everything…”

New york Comic Con – Oct 14, 2011

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Friday, October 14, 2011:

Got to love the enthusiasm!

And here as well
Got to run up to Javits, will be back in about 12 hours to complete Oct 14’s documentation.

Took longer to get back than that. And the internet at the Soho Off-Broadway Suites in Bowery is sketchy at best…

Love the chin!
My buddy from MySpace and Facebook, Jeff Lavezoli (illustrator, storyboard artist for such major motion pictures as “Drive Angry”) — who I just met in person — was my wingman for today.

Here he is next to Irwin Hasen who owes his life to the vintage comic, Dondi. If you’re wondering, Jeff’s on the left, Mr. Hasen on the left.

Jeff inspired me to take a ton of photos, so here they are, with and without commentary.

Vintage Dondi, from 1955.

You may be wondering what the blue barrels are. The black tubes running into it go up to the ceiling where there are sheets of plastic to catch the rain that comes in the leaky ceilings. There are a lot of these here at Javits Center!

This place is an awful piece of construction. You could blame the unions for shoddy work, of course, but the design is terrible as well.

Toilets are difficult to find — very un-intuitive — and when you do, for the most part, there will only be three or even only one urinal in it! So you will see lines at the Men’s Room to take a piss, which is ridiculous!

And upstairs at the manga/anime area, we can see that this is a genre with multi-ethnic appeal.

Is Dragonball making a comeback? There was a distinct push with cardboard headgear of the hair on a lot of people.

The actual costume worn by Chris Evans as Steve Rogers.

Both Grant Alter, comic writer/adapter for the Richelle Mead series for Sea Lion Books and

Dave Lanphear gives some love for Dog Eaters. Dave is lettering issues 4 – 6 and designing the 200 page graphic novel. Coming soon! Really!!

Francescol at Artist Alley

Jason Scott Campbell doesn’t need to draw sequential art anymore. He can do pinups (which are a lot easier) all day long. And have fans waiting in line all day long to sign them. With originals at around $4000 a pop, nice work if you can get it!

Gears Of War figure — and more to follow.

Detail on this handgun wasn’t bad, but for the big expensive one, it wasn’t great. For what you’re paying, you want it to be better.

Check out the knockers on this G.I. Joe villain. Hasbro seems to think that this is appropriate for ages 4 and up. I totally have to agree. However, I insist that nipple access for infants be included.

The main room of the NY Comic Con. There were also rooms for anime/manga, Artist Alley (bigger than San Diego), and conference rooms for panels and screenings.

Writer Philip Gellat and artist Brett Weldele for PARIAH, created by Aron Warner — Academy Award®-winning producer of the animated blockbusters “Shrek”, “Shrek 2.”

Brett also did the art for SURROGATES, the movie starring Bruce Willis.

Maybe this Poison Ivy works better…

Keron Grant, artist.

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