Dog Eaters

With Aaron Boothe on guitar

Posted on 08.12.17 under Cloud Hands Project


New song, “Chase A Mirage,” by Cloud Hands Project with Aaron Boothe featured on guitar.

Beauty in Pain

Posted on 04.15.17 under Beauty in Pain, Cloud Hands Project

New tune by Cloud Hand Project, Beauty in Pain


Something Red, Something Blue

Posted on 04.04.17 under Cloud Hands Project, something red something blue

We’re all looking for change… Something Red, Something Blue

eskimo candy

Doll not included…

Ze’s won a reprieve..

Posted on 01.17.17 under Chelsea Manning, Cloud Hands Project, Uncategorized


Chelsea Manning, the Army intelligence analyst convicted in a 2010 leak of security documents, is set to be freed in five months instead of in 2045.

A song by Cloud Hands Project about Chelsea

Fill the hole

Posted on 12.30.16 under Cloud Hands Project, Fill The Hole

A new tune by Cloud Hands Project

Fill The Hole

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