Dog Eaters

Last Life Boat

Posted on 01.20.18 under Cloud Hands Project, Last Life Boat


New tune by Cloud Hands Project, “Last Life Boat.”

Listen to the Goddess

Posted on 10.02.17 under blown glass, Cloud Hands Project, glass, glass poi pounders, Listen to the Goddess, Malcolm Wong

New tune by Cloud Hands Project, Listen to the Goddess. Still have another high, legato element to add…


Life’s a Dream

Posted on 09.17.17 under Cloud Hands Project, Life's a Dream

life's a dream

New tune by Cloud Hands Project, “Life’s a Dream.”

I’ve been self-medicating with music, just so much weird shit going on, and it really helps shed the static.

Thanks for listening!

The Screen

Posted on 09.03.17 under Cloud Hands Project, The Screen

Lots of strange shit coming down, creating and recording these tunes keeps me sane. The Screen


Big Changes

Posted on 08.25.17 under Big Changes, Cloud Hands Project

New tune by Cloud Hands Project, “Big Changes.”


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